Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Benjamin Pascoe

Here's two quick sketches of my 6 month old son Benjamin. The Day he was born I started an A4 sketchbook reserved for drawings of him. Some are sketched live while he's sleeping, some off photo's. These two were done from photo's (approx 15 -20 min ea). Someday I plan to present these drawings to him.....Did I mention that he's the best thing to ever happen to me


  1. Great sketches Anthony, what a fabulous idea Benjamin will love them when he gets old enough to appreciate them ...... son's are special until they hit high school age and testosterone(sp) kicks in !!!!
    Long way off mate - enjoy !

    Mine is 28 and gets married in 2 weeks - only ever drew two pictures of him a pencil portrait and a caricature for the wedding invite.

  2. First, CONGRATS on your baby!
    Second, these sketches are great and, Third...he's adorable!

    oh-oh, I'm having a hard time saving this comment, which will probably have my name saved in my old blogger. Maybe you need to turn on/off something with the comments.