Wednesday, August 5, 2009

James "The Riff Master" Hetfield WIP

Over the past several months i've been in a creative & motivational black hole and to try and turn things around I'm making an extra effort to sketch more, paint more, network more and what's helping is by throwing things up here for fellow bloggers to see, i'm starting to feel good about producing art again.
Anyway...I'll be using this sketch of Metallica frontman James Hetfield as the basis for another PS Painting. Over the next week or so I'll update the progress


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  2. dude.... you..... NAILED HIM!!!

    This is absolutely Killer! Love his mouth. Can't wait to see him painted up.

  3. Nice work Anthony - I've noticed your blog activity subside - glad your back into it mate.
    I think we all hop in and out of that 'black hole' now and again.

  4. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing the final!

  5. Excellent !!! Stunner !!!
    I'm looking forward to seing the final too !
    Or, do you want me to show you what it can be ?