Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ( Gift Giving Season ) to everyone !!
Here's a WIP that has ground to a halt. A couple of weeks ago the Intuos 4 stopped working, I think the power cord is the cause, something I'll sort out in the comming weeks. I havn't had much luck with these things this year, My Mac blew up and my old Intuos 3 died of alcohol poisoning early in the year when one of my mates spilt beer on it.....maybe it's the digital gods giving me a sign to buy a Cintiq.....I'm not sure...


  1. I've destroyed two Graphire pens this year. One was half dead already (the rubber grip turned to jelly within a year) and the other was its replacement - with no rubber grip.

    A micro-switch disintegrated in the replacement one so I made a new rubber grip for the old pen (using a biro grip) - a couple of months later, a button fell out and I never found it so I had to make a new button with a wad of cardboard and sticky tape (an email to Wacom asking about replacements has gone unanswered)

    The cardboard switch mostly works but I think you might be right - time for a Cintiq :) I just hope the pens are a bit sturdier and up to the job.

  2. Nice work Anthony - look forward to seeing it finished when repairs are done !!
    Lost an Intuos 3 to coffee this year - but it rose from the grave and is working again AFTER I'd bought the Intuos 4 to replace it !!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours mate - someone might buy you a Cintiq.

  3. Great picture & Happy New Year:)

  4. You and technology mate, not a good mix...

    Great work, hope you finish it.