Friday, March 20, 2009

Australian Cricket legend Richie Benaud

I've got to admit I was alittle sad when I heard the news that Richie Benaud declared his innings over.... as Captain of the channel 9 commentary team he's been the face of Cricket for the best part of 40 years.
It's known that he hasn't seen an Australian winter in over 35 years so I really wanted to exaggerate the tanned skin tones by giving him an almost bronzed up complextion set agains't the trademark off white blazer and pastel coloured shirt.
I'm not to sure about the background at this stage, I was thinking of maybe adding a wicket backdrop or something....  but one great thing about Digital art is that I can go back to it anytime to adjust or change it 


  1. Awesome!!!

    Brilliant work!!!


  2. Anthony that's a classic Richie - your best I think.
    We'll miss his slow dulcet tones won't we ?

  3. Anthony,very nice caricature
    and facial expression!
    Beautiful eyes!!!

  4. good subject, beautifully executed. I love his left eye.

  5. Hey Anthony!

    A fellow Aussie! and right in my backyard too! Thanks for dropping in. Had a browse through your work; great stuff here!!!

    I love the idea of the sketchbook you made for your son Benjamin. He's going to get such a kick out of that present one day.

    I've added you to my RSS feed... so I expect to see more soon!


  6. Ant- that's a shuper shpecial sketch mate

    brad (Blaze)

  7. Nice rendering. Is this guy's known to wear his ties crooked or was it just like that in photo?
    Love the difference in the eyes!
    Great job Anthony!

  8. Anthony, this is fantastic!! You've got him spot on!!
    I've never been a huge cricket fan but there's no underestimating Benaud's contribution to the sport. What a legend.
    A good few years ago, a friend of mine had a hilarious tape called 'The 12th Man' (quite popular in your neck of the woods I imagine), where they parodied the whole sport of cricket in Australia. One of the sketches had a brilliant impression of Richie. His wife would say to him in the morning 'Richie, what jacket do you want to wear today love, do you want the white, the off-white, the cream, the beige or the oatmeal?' and he'd reply, in the middle of his breakfast: 'yeeeeeah, that's great love'.
    It was hilarious!!

  9. Super Job Anthony, Great detail and expression in the eyes. I love the way you squashed his nose, and face, you pushed it all the way. Awesome stuff!

  10. Hi Anthony!
    I hope to see more postings of your wonderful artwork on blog!
    I sent an email to you, but never heard from you. You get it?
    Hope all is OK!

  11. Back to have a look at what you are doing!!
    Hope you"re well!

  12. Don´t know the figure, but you´ve done an interesting painting job

  13. BOOTIFUL!!! you are so good at this digital stuff. I need to persevere with the brushes.