Wednesday, May 6, 2009

VW Rat Van Caricature

Being a fan of the "Rat/Ratter" hotrod... I thought it would be cool to Caricature an old VW Delivery Van of my all time favourite cars to draw.  This was completed in Photoshop over the past couple of between paying jobs


  1. Dude this is AWE..SOME!!

    love it love it love it! I've never thought of caricaturing inanimate objects before... and you've executed it really well!

  2. So awesome...I love how you accomplished the age look...especially with the logo!! Looks kick ass!!

  3. Nice one, I've been waiting for this to show up on the blog.

    great perspective and it's good to see you using photoshop to create a style that matches your tradtional work.

    Top stuff buddy boy

  4. Hey Anthony - that is a classy, classy job - love your cars mate.
    I can only underline what the others all said.
    Good work.

  5. Thanks for the kind remarks Carl, Ricardo, Luke & Terry !
    I feel like I've rewound the clock back to my school days spent drawing Cartoon cars & Caricatures

  6. I'm not normally a fan of car-ricatures, but this is class, love everytrhing about it, the colouring and of course the subject.

  7. Great great blog you've here!
    And your VW is awesome!!