Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Live Caricature

I know I know....I've been slack with this blog thingy

Over the past few month's you could say I've been chasing my tail with deadlines (you all know what i mean ) ..personal stuff and Illustration work (that I can't share at this time)

Anyway , In September I was invited by some Sydney Artists to draw Live Caricatures at the Melbourne Show. Having never drawn Caricatures in a retail enviroment I thought I might as well give it a go for a few days at least to see if it's something I might consider doing again

Well, I did have a fun time and it was great drawing along side other Artists for a change as it's something I rarely get the opportunity to do. In the mornings for warm up myself and another Caricaturist Josh Spencer would draw each other, some more extreme than others. Here are some photo's I did manage to take with my phone

Josh Spencer aka: Nick Frost !


  1. bwhahahhahahahhah these are awesome!

  2. Superb stuff Anthony - love the bald guy.
    Looks like you enjoyed yourself !

  3. WOW,perfectly exageration,
    very very very funny !!!

  4. Gotta Love it! Great Job Anthony...You know which ones my favorite. :)

  5. muito bom suas caricature ao vivo parabéns meu chara.

  6. WOW.........
    amazing exageration !!!!!!
    love this,
    jan :)

  7. wow! I just saw your blog. That's amazing line work! Very confident lines too!