Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Live Caricatures


  1. great work, mate. keep pushing them.

  2. Top work Anthony - you're at a distinct advantage with the all the ugly buggers you have on hand on the East coast .......... :0) !!

  3. Hey Anth, killer work here again dude! If you are free this weekend for a sketch group:

    First rule of gra-FIGHT CLUB, you do not stop drawing. second rule of gra-FIGHT CLUB, you DO NOT STOP DRAWING! and if this is your first at gra-FIGHT CLUB, you have to draw.

    This sunday, 11am, 22nd of Nov, meet at the corner of Bourke and Elisabeth st on the steps right next to the large Marble Purse and tram stop.

    My phone number is 0408 409 909. sms me day or night... I'm always awake drawing.